Villa Cimbrone - Ravello

Villa Cimbrone is one of the most prestigious hotels in the south of Italy. The grandeur and atmosphere of yesterday pervades this 12th century estate. The original architectural and decorative features of the villa and gardens have been lovingly maintained throughout the centuries.
The glorious gardens and elegant rooms of the Villa make it a one of a kind setting and the perfect backdrop for an Indian wedding in Ravello, Amalfi Coast.
1 hour
Only evening events are possible at Villa Cimbrone – the cost depends on the number of guests.

Ceremony Tea-room or Garden of 2 Fountains or Helipad
Cocktail Garden of 2 Fountains, Garden of 2 O or Belvedere Terrace
Dinner Garden of 2 Fountains or the Crypt (150 guests maximum)
After dinner various options possible

The price includes the exclusive use, for an hour of the selected area with wicker chairs set up. Musicians and floral decorations are extra and can only be from the list of vendors approved by the Villa.

The villa gardens are open to the public until sunset.

Sample Timings:
Welcome drinks to start at 17:30 approx.
Ceremonies to start at 18:00 approx.
Cocktail reception to start at 18:30 if taking place in the garden of 2 Fountain
Parties must end at 24:00 if not taking all the rooms of the hotel.

Dancing is not possible in the small terrace.

19 exclusive rooms and suites
(For Weekends, Minimum 2 nights stay required)
If you take all 19 rooms for 2 nights the hotel requires an extra event in addition to the wedding party. It could be either welcome dinner or brunch.

Taking all the rooms gives you the chance to extend the party until 02:00 am. Some conditions apply.
Over a certain number of guests, for Saturday/week-end events in high season the villa requires that you take over the villa and its rooms for 2 nights exclusively. During the week-end they also require a second food function for minimum 80 guests.
Hindu, Sikh and civil
Great care is taken over the food. The delicious traditional dishes of Campania are made using fresh organic ingredients from the gardens of the Villa. Fine wines to complement the cuisine are expertly chosen by the sommeliers from a well stocked cellar.
Music to stop at 0:00am for a town hall restriction. A bit later if taking all of the accommodation.
Up to 150 people. On request (with the entire hotel booked for minimum 3 days) up to 200 guests.
Only local cuisine from the main restaurant

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