Indian Wedding Locations in Italy

Italy offers an almost overwhelming selection of stunning Indian wedding destinations. It is a country brimming with culture that is rich with tradition and history, and no two regions are alike!

Distinctive Italy has an extensive list of spectacular venues whether your wish is to get married in Lake Como or celebrating your wedding in Tuscany. From waterfront villas on the Amalfi Coast, to ancient castles in the Tuscany countryside there is something for every size event and style of celebration.

With this in mind, it can be difficult to streamline exactly which wedding location is right for your Indian wedding in Italy at first glance and couples can easily feel overwhelmed on where to start. One of our highly praised services is our “venue sourcing” assistance. After a preliminary complimentary consultation, one of our senior planners will assist you in finding the perfect venue for your Indian wedding in Italy. We will take into consideration your wedding budget, size, style, accessibility and preferences. After a consultation, your wedding planner will know exactly what is best suited for your event and create a shortlist of ideal locations.
Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Known as the Mediterranean paradise, the Amalfi Coast never disappoints. Not only is the natural beauty of the region renowned, but the fresh cuisine and enchanting architecture add an elegantly exotic touch to the Mediterranean region. Luxurious hotels, white Moorish villas and pristine palaces offer the chicest venues and services for a dreamy Amalfi Coast wedding.
Itlalian Alps

The Alps

The Italian Alps are truly spectacular. The scenery is sublime. This is the region known for its fairytale castles and breathtaking panoramas. High mountain refuges can host once in a lifetime celebrations. The Dolomites are one of Italy’s most admired mountains.
Tuscany & Umbria


The rolling hills of Tuscany are filled with spectacular wedding venues full of artwork and history. The countryside is speckled with ancient castles, noble villas, romantic hamlet and private estates. Tuscany is the ideal choice for any size or style wedding celebration and particularly suited to Indian weddings.
Italian Lakes

Italian Lakes - Lake Como

Romance and opulence are the best words to describe Lake Como. Sky-high mountains create a breathtaking backdrop to pristine blue water. Frequented by celebrities and royalty, Lake Como is one of Italy’s most glamorous regions. Luxury lakeside villas with romantic gardens are one of Lake Como’s calling cards.
Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera

The irresistible charm of the Italian Riviera is rare to come by. The coastline is splashed with pastel painted villages and scented with lemon trees. World famous towns such as Portofino and Cinque Terre will create postcard perfect backdrops to your celebration. With an array of seaside castles, private villas, and famous hotels, the Italian Riviera region combines luxurious seaside with northern Italian glamour.


Dreaming of sun and white sandy beaches? This stunning region has many luxurious Masserias - which are the perfect location for large and multi-day wedding celebrations along with the various ever-so-chic beach resorts. Puglia brings together Southern Italian charm, seaside bliss and breathtaking natural beauty of Southern Italy, and not to mention – mouthwatering cuisine.
Indian Weddings in Rome

Rome & Lazio

Celebrate your eternal love in the Eternal City! Rome has breathtaking vistas, baroque castles and ancient ruins. The capital of Italy offers rooftop terraces, romantic palaces and luxury hotels for wedding celebrations.


Possibly the most colorful region of the country, the island of Sicily is speckled with ancient Greek and Roman monuments and has its own unique cuisine and flavors inspired by the Mediterranean. This area naturally has it all, stunning beaches, volcanoes, olive groves and fields upon fields of lemon trees. The venues offer unbelievable views of the coastline - an absolute must for a chic wedding toast.
Indian wedding in Venice

Venice, Verona & Veneto

The city where the east meets the west, Venice is filled with exclusive architecture, princely palaces filled with priceless artwork. Veneto is a region of ancient roman ruins and medieval frescos, oozing romance and opulence. Its superb villas with estate are perfect for an Indian wedding in Italy.
Indian wedding in Umbria


The allure of Umbria is its elegant authenticity and exclusiveness. Hidden castles, villas and fortresses are tucked away in the rolling hills and vineyards of this lush region. Umbria is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

A few of our 200+ venues are listed below. Please contact the team for an additional selection based on your criteria.

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